Thursday, April 24, 2014

Long Suffering, Mostly Lazy

Last night Cordelia took "care" of Ophelia. Look at that cranky cat face. When I walked in on this scene my initial thought was to feel sympathy for Ophelia, this kind of encounter happens pretty much every day. Then I realized she could just walk away, instead that cat is so lazy she would rather have a four year old tuck my running socks under her head. She was covered in pillows, but beneath those pillows were toys (hard and soft variety), blanket, clothes, and a Ninja Turtle. Cordelia told me that it was all stuff Ophelia needs

So, I didn't really help Ophelia out of her predicament. Instead I just took the four year old out of the equation. I looked back at that cat and I swear I heard her whisper (in Roseanne's voice, that is what I think her voice would sound like if she were human),"You will be sorry you left me here."

And I was. A short while later as both girls were drifting off to sleep Ophelia started in on her loud meowing, waking the girls up. She gave me a triumphal look as she shimmed off to her food bowl. She also "accidentally" missed the litter box. She opted to poop one inch from the box. I am sure she was smug about it too!

Then, at an unholy hour she paraded through the house meowing and, I am pretty sure, she said,"next time you won't leave me covered in toys!" And I won't.

Don't worry, by the time the sun was up all was forgiven and she was comfortably snuggled up against my feet. She was exhausted from her mischief and will spend the next 900 hours sleeping on the bed.


Emily said...

This sounds like our Ellie cat. She endures lots of gentle "care" from our kids. "She needs me to hold her like a baby!" She could use her catlike ninja skills to go hide under a bed, but she just takes it. We love her to pieces, but we do thing she's a few cards shy of a full house.

Marie Roxanne said...

Cats are so cute until you cross them... then watch out!

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