Thursday, April 17, 2014

Project: Dresser Redo

Perhaps you've seen our triangle dresser before. Here is is several years ago in our apartment in Denver. We found this piece nearly a decade ago when we were poor grad students, but we were drawn to the shape and the dresser was marked down 90%. So we bought it.  We quickly realized that it isn't the most practical of pieces. I mean, look at that top drawer, what can that hold?The answer is six mixed tapes from the 90s that we can't bear to part with. The has had many incarnations, but mostly serves as storage for odds and ends.

Over the past few weeks we have been going through our house, making some changes and updates and we both realized that the dresser needed a little updating as well. The dark wood had never really gone with our style. We quickly agreed that the dresser should be white. The shape of the dresser is so unique and visually striking that the dark wood added more visual weight than it needed, a lighter paint we hoped would help it to fit in with the rest of the house rather than having it stick out.

Thankfully we had white paint in the garage. One afternoon and four coats of paint later we were done. I only painted the exterior and left the drawers dark. Part of me wanted them to be a teal blue, but then I thought to myself, "Ain't nobody got time for that!" So, I settled with the exterior only. The painting was simple and straightforward. We took off the drawer pulls, lightly sanded the wood and then wiped it down with a damp cloth. I painted it and managed to get paint in my hair. Cordelia got some in her hair as well. Elise threw a mitten into the paint can, but otherwise it was a pretty simple operation.


The only thing was that when we were done Eric was able to clearly see that the bottom drawer handle was installed a little wonky. I told him that I thought it was quaint. I think it will haunt him for ages, since the wood isn't high quality I don't really think drilling a new hole would be possible as the wood would probably split. So, Eric gets to handle a little wonky.


Sarah Purdy said...

Very cool! Where will it live?

Marie Roxanne said...

I love it, and yes the wonky handle would probably haunt me too, but like you said, it's quaint.
I love it as a white dresser, now we can see the true uniquesness of the piece.

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