Friday, May 2, 2014


I dyed my hair. I have had essentially the same 'do for a decade. It was high time for a change. I had been back and forth for on the matter for too long. I had mentioned it to a few people who didn't seem too keen on the idea. Then Thursday afternoon I realized that I don't care (in a totally respectful way) about that and I just want to have red hair. So I dyed my hair and this is the result!





Check out the glove



Sarah Purdy said...

I love the color! You have officially moved into the eclectic art teacher realm now (especially when you pair red hair with teal tights!). I think you need a new tattoo and a short summer 'do to complete the full look! :)

affectioknit said...

Love the new look!...My sweet sissie is a redhead...

~Have a lovely day!

Anne Jezek said...

Again...I love it!! You're bold, brave, and stunning!

Marie Roxanne said...

You look amazingly pretty! I love that shade on you, it looks natural with your skin complexion!
And I absolutely love those blue stockings (okay, Sarah Purdy says "teal" LOL)

On my way Home... said...

I think is it super fun!

elizabeth said...

yes. so glad you went for it!
just do what you do, don't care what they say - that's the best. :)

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