Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Eric!

Spring outside

Today is Eric's birthday! I am really glad he was born and here is why:
  • He is hilarious and regularly makes me laugh until I cry.
  • He is kind, really kind.
  • He is a great listener.
  • He is always, always, always working to be a better version of himself. It is totally inspirational.
  • Speaking of which, he is really good and getting others inspired to do whatever it is they need inspiration for.
  • He is honest. 
  • He is an amazing father.
  • He is so smart.
  • He is good for a pun fest.
  • He is patient. Sometimes, when I am being obnoxious, I think, "Man, how is this guy so patient with me?"
  • He is totally a hawtie.
  • He is an artist!
  • He's vegan!!!
  • He is a radical curator.
  • He is thoughtful.
  • He is peaceful.
  • He is manly.
  • He is weird.
  • He is an introvert. 
  • He has good hygiene.
  • He is cool with donkeys and manatees.
  • He is good at responding to texts.
  • He likes popcorn, but only one specific brand.
  • He has double jointed fingers.
  • He likes sour things.
  • He doesn't like chocolate (more for everyone else).
  • He has a fantastic smile.
  • He has super long eyelashes that I may or may not have referred to as dreamy.
  • He is eccentric.
  • He over-thinks things and then worries about over-thinking it. It is super charming.
  • He smells good.
  • He is witty.
Anyway, I could continue, but I think you get the idea. Eric is da bomb! Happy birthday to Mr. Awesome.


Marie Roxanne said...

You left out the fact that he indulges in your compassion for worms, ie: taking them out of harm's way when they are out in the middle of a road in the rain...
Although he is ALL of what you say, I like the veganism the best, not many guys share that lifestyle whole-heartily.

Sarah Purdy said...

You've got a good one! Happy birthday Eric!

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