Monday, May 26, 2014

Long and Lovely Weekend

What a long and lovely three day weekend we had. For the first time in ages we all just hung out and enjoyed a slower pace. Eric has been busy this past month with work. He has been curating some great shows. I was completing some work obligations and finally this weekend we got to just be home. 

I am a social creature by nature, but even I appreciate and long for family days at home. Yesterday was a fantastic and full day. We worked on the house and the yard. I gardened. We ate lunch and dinner on the patio. Eric and I played with the girls. My parents stopped by for a little bit and loved up on the kids. The weather was delightful. We couldn't have asked for a better end to a fulfilling weekend.


neck hoop



dad n sqiurrel

Mom and Cordelia

neck hoop

Mom and Elise


Cordelia, Elise, Betty



Marie Roxanne said...

I love "mom" polka dot shirt! And I love the single dimple in Elise's cheek, I always wanted dimples, and I do have one, but not where I wanted it. Mine is in the middle of my chin...
Looks like a fun day!

Mom said...

Thanks, Marie. It is a fun shirt and it was a fun little visit. Hula hoops just add fun wherever they appear, don't you think?

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