Thursday, May 29, 2014

Project: Woodland Creature Magnets

out of the oven

My friend Sarah gifted me with these adorable cookie cutters that she got while at Ikea (check here). Naturally I plan to make millions of darling cookies, but I also had other plans. Magnets to be specific. If you want to make your own I have directions for you. Wahoo!

You will need
Oven bake clay (I used something like Sculpey)
Cookie cutters
cookie sheet and oil or parchment
rolling pin

1. First you will to get the clay workable. Knead it and roll it and generally play with it until it is malleable.

2. Roll your clay thin, 1/4" or so as it can't be too heavy to hang from a magnet.

3. Time to get creative. You could do the animals all one color. I wanted a little whimsy so I mixed colors.

The fox I just put orange and white together and positioned my cookie cutter in a manner that I enjoyed.

snail 1


For the snail I made a snake of white and brown clay, rolled them together and then flattened. Next I pressed in a piece of yellow clay.

* Make sure that your clays are adhered together or they will break apart when baking.

ready to back

4. Place your animals on a cookie sheet that has been lightly oiled or, better yet, lined with parchment. Follow baking instructions for the clay you purchased. Mine required 15 minutes at 275F per 1/4" of thickness. Let cool 

out of the oven

adhering the magnet

5. Once completely cooled adhere magnets. Be sure to place the magnet correctly or it will repel from your fridge. I actually used those weird magnets for law firms or whatever that come with the phone book and cut them to size.

magnets on fridge

Done deal. Put those bad boys on the fridge and let the compliments wash over you like waves in the ocean...or you know, maybe that won't happen.

fox magnet


Also, Elise was napping while I worked on this project, but Cordelia was all over it. She made her own magnet that I absolutely adore, a monster. She named him T.I.

Cordelia's magnet monster


Sarah Purdy said...

Very cool!

Marie Roxanne said...

OMG i see a (gasp) a squirrel!
cool magnets!

affectioknit said...

Those are so cute!

~Have a lovely day!

affectioknit said...

Those are so cute!

~Have a lovely day!

Kate said...

I...suddenly have a case of the wants

Emily said...

Love the foxy fox!

Stacy said...

I love the hedgehog. But I love the monster even more!!

Bethany said...

These are adorable!

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