Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sharing is Caring

It's true, sharing is caring! So, today I want to share some stuff with you.

1) Have you been to the site My bestie Sarah sent me an image of a couch that I probably need. I went to their site and discovered that I really like most things (with the exception of leather things) that they are making! Now I just need to save up for a new couch and bide my time until the girls are a little less filthy.

2) Along those mid-century lines, there is a great store, and online shop, based in Denver called Mod Livin' they have some great stuff. Again, I may need to pinch pennies, and by pennies I mean handfuls of cash money, to buy anything. It is fun to daydream anyway.

3) Are you vegan? Do you know and love a vegan? Check out the free app Is it Vegan! You can scan the barcode on most anything to discover whether or not an item is vegan. I have encountered a couple of products that weren't in their database and they take the info so they can research and update. It has been pretty awesome.

4) Do you collect vinyl? Are you a tad organized? Me neither, but my husband sure is. He uses the app Crate Digger to catalog all of his vinyl. I also keep it on my phone and use it for reference if I happen to be at a thrift store or in search of a gift for my husband.

5) My friend Sarah had a funny post today.

What do you care to share today?


Michelle said...

That couch reminds me of Grandma Rose's long couch. Same style armrests, and her couch was originally that color.

Marie Roxanne said...

I love that couch!
Thanks for Sarah's blog post and link, I commented on it too!

Victoria said...

Love your choice of sofa and color. Not really terribly expensive for a custom look. Vegan app is awesome and album tracking...bult just for Eric! Thanks! Hmmmm...will have to think of something to share. xo

Sarah Purdy said...

That couch...that color...that style...swoon! Yes, real furniture must wait until snotty noses are wiped in more appropriate ways.

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