Friday, May 30, 2014

Week in Phone Photos

Phones have become something of an interesting way we share and document our lives. I thought perhaps sharing a few photos from my phone would be an interesting weekly wrap up.

Started work on a new tattoo. I will follow up when it is completed later next month.

Blowing dandelions in the park. Well, Cordelia blew them and Elise munched/gagged on them. 

Eric spotted this young dragon in a parking lot. I am 100% certain he wants to do this to our car.

Beautiful sunny days are here again. 

This is not my tattoo, just a funny one I found on the internet. I keep randomly sending it to Eric. I don't not not not think this is hilariously awesome. *no sorce of origin for the pic as it is in several place online.

Life has been so busy this week, but we have managed to pack in some very fun times and quiet evenings.

How about you? Good week?


Sarah Purdy said...

Thanks for not posting my last day of school bathroom selfie. #truefriend

Marie Roxanne said...

Sarah - hope this is not a annual thing you do? LOL

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