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Vinyl Profiles with E.K.: Joy Division:Amsterdam

joy division

Hello everyone, starting a new feature here on the blog. Eric, my husband and very best friend,  is going to occasionally write about records from our very eclectic collection. I am sure you will appreciate his knowledge and his sense of humor.Enjoy. 


Greetings and welcome to the first edition of a totally tubular new feature on Little Things are Big called Vinyl Profiles with E.K. hosted by me, E.K. Wimmer, the only husband of Maria Rose that I am currently aware of. Actually this could be Maria pretending to be E.K. and you’d never know…I’ll leave that for you to decide. Since it’s a debut post it’ll be crazy long, sorry.

The other night Maria and I were sitting around being too cool for school and listening to records as we do every night. I suggested that, although her regular posts are mind-melting and life altering, perhaps she could offer up something a little less useful, something a little less beneficial to living a productive and healthy life. Maybe there are readers out there who are craving something materialistic and shallow? Maybe that reader is you? Well you are in luck because Maria not only agreed to my idea of having a regular feature of our vinyl record collection, but she asked me to guest write. Why? Because vinyl is awesome and I’m kind of intense when it comes to sharing my love for it with others. Yes, this is really happening, so to the loyal rabid readers, please pretend you love this new feature and to the person that just stumbled across this post because Maria has like 10 billion followers on Pinterest, let this not be a reflection of her whole blog…unless you adore this post. Okay, so without further ado, let’s have less blab and more fab. Shall we get started? That was a rhetorical question.

Actually, one more thing…as you can imagine, the pressure was immense to come up with something that could be cool, interesting and informative. Naturally my eyes drifted to my extensive collection of 80s metal records. As my mind was deciding between Judas Priest and Iron Maiden I heard Maria’s voice telling me to not mention 80s metal or else…oh wait, that was not my imagination, but an actual verbal warning to my face. Now, because it’s her blog I will temporarily honor her request/rule, but I would ask you, the reader, to be so kind and politely leave a comment of support. Let her know that profiles on 80s metal is not only acceptable, but ahead of its time and inspirational.

Whoa, that last paragraph got away from me! Train of thought blog posts may not be my approach in the future, sorry.

joy division amsterdam

Okay! So for the first post I went with a record from a band I know Maria loves, the massively influential post-punk British band Joy Division. The Vinyl Profile is an extremely rare bootleg called Amsterdam.
Amsterdam was recorded live at Paradiso, Amsterdam on January 11, 1980. This performance was legendary because it is widely regarded as one of, if not the best, live shows Joy Division ever performed. What made this night extra special is that, as the rumor goes, Martin Hannett, the man behind the crazy influential record label Factory Records, decided to record the band’s performance that night. After the show Hannett privately released the bootleg as a promo. 

joy division amsterdam

The promo was released in LP format and produced in Chicago. The cover was very minimal and unassuming, containing a gold woodcut design that was commissioned specifically for this bootleg. As rumor had it, only 200-300 max were ever produced on vinyl meaning that 34 years later this record is like finding the holy grail of Joy Division bootlegs.

joy division amsterdam

Over the years this recording became the most bootlegged concert in Joy Division’s history. Songs appeared here and there, but the original concert was contained only on this vinyl record called Amsterdam (which has since been re-issued).

joy division amsterdam

This incredibly rare jewel of our vinyl collection found its way to the Maison de Wimmer via Denver, Colorado. It was one of those average weekend trips to go vinyl hunting. There it was in all its glory and, at the time, it was more money than we had ever paid for a record. Not only was it totally worth it, but it helped form a greater appreciation for developing a more eccentric and meaningful vinyl collection.
Well that’s it. I hope you have enjoyed a little tease of our vinyl collection and my witty post has left you craving future profiles. Now use all your cds as coasters and go buy a record player if you don’t already have one. Try and remember what it was like to just listen to a whole album instead of a shuffle of two bazillion songs on your ipod. 



Marie Roxanne said...

Thank you Eric, this reminds me of when I was a teen and played records after school (over and over) I am sure the neighbors were overjoyed when 3:30 pm came around!
I love how simplistic the cover of the Amsterdam album is, the gold-ish image and the word Amsterdam at the bottom would have drawn my eyes to it right away.
What kind of 80's metal were you thinking about? Something like KISS?

Mom said...

I want to leave a comment encouraging E.K. to write about the 80's whatever he wishes but of course I don't know what I am talking about. I just like to be encouraging, you know.

Mom said...

I want to leave a comment encouraging E.K. to write about the 80's whatever he wishes but of course I don't know what I am talking about. I just like to be encouraging, you know.

Ben Struck said...

I've got the spirit, but lose the feeling...

Maria Rose said...

He says that Kiss is not off the table.

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