Thursday, July 24, 2014

100 Food Vegan Challenge


My friend Teresa (click here for her blog) is a vegan, but she mentioned that her family was doing a non-vegan hundred food challenge and she was participating when possible. I looked at the list and saw things like alligator and eel and thought that I should probably come up with a vegan food challenge.

We vegans are known for being creative in the kitchen and I think it is easy for us to forget that fact. So, here is my list. I have included both ingredients and dishes so do what you will with that information.

How many have you tried? Please leave a comment for things that I should add to the list for people interested in trying new things.

100. Kale

99. Tempeh

98. Swiss Chard

97. Vegan pot pie

96. Vegan Cheese

95.Heirloom tomatoes

94. Homemade cashew cheese

93. Chapati

92. Quinoa

91. Saffron

90. Amaranth

89. Tofurkey

88. Vegan lasagna

87. Vegan egg-less salad sandwich

86. Cauliflower steaks

85. Vegan caramel

84. Parsnips

83. Vegan sushi

82. Ras el hanout

81. Roasted beets

80. Hummus

79. Vegan Bacon

78.  Vegan "Eggs" Benedict

77. Edamame

76. Vegan wine

75. Field roast

74. Chia Seed

73. Sprouts

72. Salted soybeans

71. Kambocha

70. Dolmades

69. Kasha

68. Polenta

67. Stuffed cabbage

66. Vegan dulche de leche

65. Tahini

64. Vegan Pizza

63. Miso

62.  Freekeh

61. Egg replacer (in a baked good)

60. Vegan chili dogs

59. Vegan Beer

58. Vegan enchiladas

57. Vegan pancakes

56. Pearled Barley

55. Eggplant

54. Veggie Burgers

53. Pepitas

52. Vegan bread

51. Flaxseed

50. Vegan cupcakes

49. Vegan mayo

48. Portobello burgers

47. Jicama

46. Goji berries

45. Almond Milk

44. Vegan yogurt

43. Vegan sour cream

42. Vegan Pad Thai

41. Puff pastry

40. Rice Milk

39. Vegan curry

38. Oyster mushrooms

37. Harissa

36. Farro

35. Coconut Milk

34. Turmeric

33.Nutritional yeast

32. Vegan jerky

31. Lentils

30. Vegan meatloaf

29. Wheat berries

28. Vegan crepes


26. Agave

25. Pure Maple Syrup

24. Vegan mac and cheese

23. Kimchi

22. Chutney

21. Seitan

20. Couscous

19. Scrambled tofu

18. Vegan chocolate chip cookies

17. Coconut bacon

16. Vegan cake

15. Hemp seed

14. Vegan donuts

13. Vegan frittata

12. Soy milk

11. Vegan chocolate

10. Hemp milk

9. Vegan canapes

8. Vegan chili

7. Vegan latkes

6. Vegan quiche

5. Vegan ice cream

4. Vegan cream cheese

3. Vegan hot chocolate

2. Homemade vegetable broth

1. Tofu

Now, please add to the list in the comments!!!


affectioknit said...

What a GREAT idea!

I'm definitely going to start checking things off today!

~Have a lovely day!

Anne Jezek said...

Oreos!!! My current favorite vegan "food"...I use this term loosely. ;)

affectioknit said...

Ok...I pulled the 100 into a spreadsheet and started checking them off...I only need to try Freekeh, Goji Berries, and Ras al Hanout...and I've got a perfect 100...

That was fun!

Marie Roxanne said...

A good thing to add to the list is jackfruit. Makes a great meat substitute!

AKM said...

I need to reread in-depth, but how about Bragg's Amino Acids? I know that it's not vegan-exclusive, but it's still found in a lot of vegan kitchens that I know of.

Ezekiel Bread's a great one two...same story -- not vegan-exclusive -- but super-healthy so lots of vegan fans.

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