Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sugar Skulls

A few years ago Eric and I started slowly collecting sugar skulls. I think mostly it was a way to stay connected to New Mexico, where Eric grew up, while still maintaining ultimate cool status that we require. No really, there was just something about them that has always appealed to us. Perhaps it is the simple juxtaposition of beauty and death. We both really love the tradition of Dia de los Muertos and the beautiful artwork that accompanies it.

Anyway, the sugar skull has become emblematic of New Mexico for us in recent years. We often look for the sugar skulls and find new ways to incorporate them into our lives. Naturally we are most interested in artwork and one-of-a-kind or traditional pieces, but sometimes I am more than tempted by the patterns and designs I see coming from major companies. Here are a few of my recent finds in the sugar skull department, none of which are sponsored.


1. I found Doll City Rocker this sweet little Etsy shop that sells tons of charming Sugar Skull jewelry. I love to add tiny adorable touches to my outfits that make a statement, but don't overwhelm.

2. XOXO Design makes this gorgeous gold foil sugar skull. Eric and I would happily display this in our house. I am thinking it would look lovely at the end of the hall or in our kitchen.

3. I love a good tote, something with a cool design is way better than a boring standard tote. The site Fab.com  makes a sassy little bag.

4. I am not much of a coffee drinker, but Eric certainly is and sugar skull cups are totally a thing! Check out this set of four mugs!

5. I love that this duvet cover has a feminine mix of pink with the skull, pretty isn't it?

6. Dwell no longer carries this pillow, but I am on the hunt to find it elsewhere! Let me know if you spot it somewhere.

7. A gorgeous scarf from Nordstrom. I like that the design is sophisticated and not cutesy.

Do you have any imagery that you are repeatedly drawn to?


Victoria said...

Love 'em! Let me know if I can hunt for anything down here for you. xo

Sarah Purdy said...

Next three tattoos: Octopus, peacock and sugar skull. Oh, and the Wyoming flag. So, four. Better get going on that! ;)

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