Monday, August 25, 2014



You know, it has been some time since I have done a confessions post. I think it is about time that we remedy that problem.

I never close the little spout thing on my tea pot because the whistle freaks me out. If I do close it I find myself tense until it begins to scream, then I run to turn it off. Tea should be mellow, not a mini-horror show.

I am a bit of a rebel, but in really uncool ways. For instance, when I heard that you are no longer supposed to use q-tips I went home and used a q-tip. Ha ha ha ha I laugh in the face of authority...until I puncture my eardrum. 

I almost never clean windows. Eric will do the job when our windows disgust him. I will sometimes wipe down the back window when it is covered with handprints and wet nose spots, but even then I really only focus on the bottom 4 feet. 

I once broke my cheek on a jungle gym.

I rarely feel nervous about public speaking, but I feel nervous when I take my car in for an oil change. I never know if I am supposed to stay in my car or go inside to check in the car. Seems I always make the wrong choice and some man, covered in grease, gives me a harsh look.

When I was 14, for just a moment, I thought I saw a unicorn on a New Mexican Air Force base. Turns out it was just an oryx with a broken horn, but for that brief moment it was convinced I was looking at a unicorn. *for the record the oryx is an African animal that was introduce to the New Mexican desert, pretty crazy to see them wandering through the Tularosa basin even if they aren't unicorns.

I am really good at spitting and burping. 

One of my favorite things is to get cold on a summer day, you know like sitting in some mountain shade by a creek, then warming myself by sitting in a hot car parked in the sun.

I know and often sing the entire soundtrack to The Sound of Music. Has to be the movie. Oddly I am not a big fan of musical theater, with the exception of The Sound of Music.

I eat a little chocolate nearly every single day.

Your turn! Please share with me some of your confessions!


Marie Roxanne said...

I love confession time!
1) I drink coca cola (I know it's bad for you and yet, it tastes so goooood)
2) I secretly wish I could win a million dollars or more(even though I don't buy lottery tickets!)
3)I absolutely love all my scars (like a badge of honor... for example - this one was when I was carrying a bag of garbage and a piece of glass poked through and pierced my leg, I had to have 5 stitches, it just would not stop bleeding and the hole was a gaping one)

Emily said...

I'm with you on the oil changes! I break out into a cold sweat trying to park in the right place. And then, stay, go...what do I do???

My weird confession of the day: I do not like watermelon. Does this make me un-American?

Sarah Purdy said...

Never not write Confessions posts!

Victoria said...

1. I secretly hate the little back-up beeper sound on loading vehicles...worse than fingernails on a blackboard
2. I freak if there's hair in the sink, even if it's mine (which it usually is!)
3.When I was 5yrs. old I thought it would be fun to run underneath my cousin as she was swinging. When the wooden seat of the swing connected with my forehead, that moment validated what would come to be known to all, that I would never have a clear understanding of time and space...ouch.

affectioknit said...

That's fun!...I too like to sit in a hot car...especially after I've been in air conditioning...

~Have a lovely day!

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