Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lucy Update

I thought today I would give one last update on Lucy and how everyone has adjusted to her addition to our family. When I last updated you we had just introduced her to the dogs. We were just kind of monitoring their interactions. We were concerned that she would be fearful and hide from the well-meaning, but occasionally intense, hounds. We should not have been worried, Lucy is one confident kitten.

Lucy has been with us for about a month and I am happy to report that all is well. The dogs were kind of intense for a few days. Mostly they just wanted to sniff her. She was totally cool with the whole process. Many times she would be soaked from the probing wet basset-y noses, but the dogs are pretty comfortable with her at this point. Betty still tries to play with her and that is often awkward. 

Lucy is so very comfortable in our home. Racing around, batting at basset ears and tails. She loves the girls and enjoys their attention. Cordelia and Elise are crazy about Lucy and are doing quite well with managing their overwhelming desire to hold and squeeze and pet her. We, of course, monitor their interaction, but the girls are quite good with her.

Finally, there is Ophelia. She and Lucy are developing their own relationship. Often all of the animals, cats and dogs, will retire to the studio for a group nap. While Lucy and Ophelia aren't exactly on cuddle terms yet, they do lay next to each other and seem to appreciate each other's presence. The most telling development is that Ophelia has started grooming herself again. She quit grooming after our cat Mia passed and Eric and I have been doing the grooming for the past year. Then, she just started grooming again. I am so thankful that she seems to be coming out of her depression.


Melodee said...

So glad to hear that Lucy is doing well with everyone, but especially glad to hear that Ophelia seems to be some better - the grooming again is great news!

Marie Roxanne said...

I am so happy that Ophelia is doing better, another "cat" seemed to bring her back to life again. That is great news like Melodie says.

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