Monday, August 11, 2014

Project: Photo Frame Update

 family photos

Several years back Eric and I looked around the apartment we were renting at the time and realized that we had a ton of art all over the walls and almost no family photos anywhere. So we ran to a thrift store or somewhere with cheap frames and grabbed several. We plopped some photos in the frames and hung them on the wall. All was well for about six months until we moved into our first home. We unpacked those photo frames and realized that we really needed to update them. I stowed them under our bed and promptly forgot about them. Yeah, occasionally I would remember to sweep under the once a year...and there they were under a soft blanket of dust bunnies.

I would wipe off the dust, look at the photos and think, "I should repaint those frames and update those photos." Then I would tuck them back under the bed and they would disappear into that place in my mind that also stores information like,"Where did I put that receipt?" and "Why did I open the refrigerator?"

Finally, last week I could put it off no more. I pulled out the frames, wiped off the dust and pet hair. I broke out the drop cloth and some spray paint and spent all of thirty minutes and a few coats of spray paint to get all of the frames to a uniform white. A couple of the frames had inserts that were wooden and some color of ugly. I had no spray paint that fit what I envisioned for the inserts and I was way too lazy to head out to the store. So I grabbed some acrylic and a paintbrush and painted on a few coats of teal.



Later Eric chose some photos and adjusted the sizes and printed them out on photo paper. He chose a variety of photos that ranged from shots with our camera to candid camera phone photos. He went for a mix of vibrant color, sepia, and black and white.  We cut the images down to size, cleaned the glass and assembled the work, and that was that. We hung the framed photos in the front entry. I will probably go and grab a few more frames at the thrift store and fill up the wall a bit more.

If you want to try this you will need:
spray paint
drop cloth (best $10 I have spent on painting supplies)
a well ventilated area, I used my back yard
frames, hit up a thrift store!
Photos in sizes that correspond to the frames

family photo wall

family photos


Marie Roxanne said...

I like it, the teal with white ones looks cute

Sarah Purdy said...

Looks great!

Stacy said...

Very cute!

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