Friday, August 1, 2014

Week in Phone Photos

Let the weekly phone photo purge commence!

Last weekend was the annual hot air balloon festival and we got quite a treat. The girls and I were up early and heard the farmiliar pfffffft sound of the hot air balloon. We ran outside and the ballooners waved and were close enough to say,"hi!" The girls were thrilled.

Elise napping

Took a hike with my bestie for her birthday.


My parents returned after a week away and were mauled by their grandchildren.

Cordelia, waiting for her friend to arrive.

Elise and Lucy enjoy a cracker.

Cordelia and Lucy enjoy a snuggle.

I finished three paintings this week. Pshew! 


Anonymous said...

Pics of the other two paintings and moar cat pix plz.

Mom said...

I love phone photo Friday!

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