Saturday, August 9, 2014

Weekend List

So I am working on my weekend list:

• Finish this giant painting
• Complete a postcard design for a local group.
• Gardening/outdoor play with the girls.
• Outdoor painting with an artist friend this evening.
• A glass of vino on the back patio with my husband and our aforementioned artist friend Gabby.
• Work on syllabus revisions and lesson plans for the upcoming semester.
•Family dinner with my youngest brother, borrowed sister, and parents on Sunday.
•Pay bills...who am I kidding? I will probably put this off until Monday.
•House cleaning. The house is mostly clean, but the July pet hair drifts accumulate without a daily sweeping.
•Work on lesson plan for my classes at the museum this fall.

I think that's probably enough. What are you up to this weekend?


Sarah Purdy said...

So far:
- Sleep until 7 (bliss!)
- Lazy morning with plenty of hot coffee
- Late breakfast
- Shower in my newly recaulked tub
- Short hike on Casper Mtn's Braille Trail
- Finish my book whilst little guy takes a 2+ hour nap

Still to do:
- Grocery shop (can no longer be avoided)
- Fish out the recently found dead bird from inflatable swimming pool (can no longer be avoided)

Marie Roxanne said...

this weekend?
- Making a giant pot of soup with the CSA box of veggies I got on Thursday.
- Grocery shopping
- Bible Meeting on Sunday
- making headbands so I can grow out my hair, it's dyed red now, but I am tired of the roots showing up, so I am going natural which is grey. I have now a two inch growth but not enough to cut my red out. sigh, must wait a couple more months.

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