Friday, September 26, 2014

Phone Photo Friday

We have had such a lovely week here in Wyoming. The weather has been gorgeous with golden afternoons. I hope you have had a lovely week as well. Please enjoy my weekly phone photo dump.

Last Friday the girls, my mother, and I drove to Gillette to see family. We stayed the night with my grandma Grace and had a lovely time visiting with my aunt Tina and cousin Stephanie.

Cordelia had a great time, but she totally crashed the following afternoon.

Elise and I

Eric and Elise, waiting for Cordelia.

Cordelia in the backyard.

Betty Sprinkles 

Playing at a new park.

Cool and casual with my shades on indoors.

Tree in the backyard. I was trying to take a picture of the squirrel that Cordelia has named Frisbee.



Anonymous said...

I love the colorful hopscotch!
And the tunnel in the tree, must have been a cool park!

Sarah Purdy said...

Love these pics!

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