Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Studio Mornings

Most mornings start off in the studio. The girls and I wander to the basement some time after Eric heads to work. I open the curtains and sunlight floods the room. I take a moment to pet the animals who have followed us down. Bumblebee takes up a post where she can look longingly into the laundry room, blocked off by a baby gate so she cannot get at the cat food. Ophelia lounges somewhere random, today it is the laundry basket. Betty just tries to find somewhere comfortable to rest, that is her one motivating force---coziness. Lucy just runs around like a chaotic kitten should, batting at a tail, climbing the curtain (ugh!), rubbing against a cantankerous old cat.

Ophelia in a laundry basket

lucy and Ophelia

Cordelia grabs a seat at the drafting table and sketches. Lately she has taken to making copies of the art that Eric and I make.


Elise might sketch, but currently she has poured a tub filled with bottles of paint onto the floor. She is sitting in the tub pretending to be an astronaut, counting to lift off (not to brag, but she just counted to 13).  Now she is putting all of the paint back in while still inside of the tub.


I sit in front of the computer for a minute, checking in on students who may have emailed since the night before. I blog. Then I try and paint for a bit. If the girls are feeling mellow and happily entertain themselves I can get a lot of work done as motherhood has taught me to work quickly when I create.


Once we are done down here we will wander upstairs and get on with our day. I do love these quiet studio mornings. Someday I will miss them greatly.


Sarah Purdy said...

Lovely post. Mornings are a magical time, indeed.

Marie Roxanne said...

What a great way to start the day! I also wondered about a "routine" for myself, something that is done every single day at the same time... I have some painting to do also some writing. A schedule/routine will help me keep on track!

Emily said...

You always capture the light so beautifully. Enjoy those sweet moments.

Mom said...

Yes, you will miss those mornings. You get to always keep them in memory, though. It's not quite the same but it is rather lovely.

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