Monday, September 15, 2014

Teepee Afternoon

So a friend left four large bamboo poles at my house. I wasn't quite sure what we'd do with them, but I knew they would be put to good use. I am one of those people who hates to waste, and I was certain that I would be making a garden trellis of some sort with the bamboo, perhaps next spring. I assumed that the bamboo would gather dust in a quiet corner of our garage until 2015. I assumed wrong.


Yesterday afternoon while I was getting some work done Eric and the girls found the bamboo and decided to improvise a teepee. I must emphasize the use of the word improvise. Eric tied the four bamboo poles together and used a dog toy to stabilize the structure. Next he draped the frame with my painting drop cloth. While the result wasn't exactly the most beautiful teepee in the world it was an instant hit. The girls freaked out!

Eric and the girls

They had a clubhouse, a place of their own. The two sisters would draw the edges closed as they played happily inside. The only disturbance I heard was when Cordelia was deeply offended that Elise would bring a Thomas the Train book inside...apparently that was against the rules. Otherwise they played a lot. Betty Sprinkles was happy to be part of the fun (Bumblebee preferred to lounge in the sun).


Soon enough the girls kicked Eric and I out of their teepee and I took the opportunity to do a little back porch reading!



Sarah Purdy said...

How cool! I think I might have to copy you next summer.

Mom said...

Those girls know how to have fun! I'm sure Betty was hoping for some good teepee snuggling.

Victoria said...

Oh I do love that first pic with handsome Eric and the girls, classic!

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