Friday, October 10, 2014

Phone Photo Friday and Disposable Camera Challenge Update

Last Friday the girls played in the snow. The first time that we dress for outside play I take note of all that has been outgrown and make a mental list of all the new supplies we need: new boots for Elise, snow pants for Cordelia, winter coat for Elise.

Eric gave a talk at a museum opening and Cordelia really wanted to get up there and enjoy some of the attention.

Elise was quite proud of herself for putting lotion on Ophelia's head. Oph is too possessive of that box to run away.

On Sunday afternoon the girls were going out for a little date with their Grandma and for an hour before she was to arrive they waited at the front door, watching the road.

They had a great adventure with my mother. They returned with new dresses.

Later in the week we drove up to Powell. Eric stopped the car several times to take photos. So I took pictures of him taking pictures, totally meta.

Powell was a quaint small town surrounded by fields.

Some late night hotel painting.

The girls were chanting, "Mugga, Mugga moo. Sisters forever!" Then bashing their sticks together. Naturally this ended in tears when someone was hurt, but it was cute while it lasted.

Just my best dog friend Bumblebee.

Elise and I, yes she has food on her face--again.

We have so many apples in our tree still! Yesterday I froze a bunch and made apple muffins, still we have probably 20lbs of apples on the counter and 100+lbs still in the tree.

More late night gouache painting.

Update on Disposable Camera Challenge
Just wanted to update you on the disposable camera challenge. See this post for details if you want to join in.

So far I have taken about 10 photos. I am loving the process, already forgetting many things I have taken pictures of so the day I process my roll will be a treat. I have found it very difficult to just take a single photo as I am inclined to snap about 10 and delete all but the worst of them. Also, the disposable camera I use has a built in flash so I really have no idea how my photos are going to turn out. Have you started? Any interesting challenges?

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