Friday, October 3, 2014

Phone Photo Friday AND Disposable Camera Challenge

Friday again already?! How can that be? This week has sped by so very quickly. Here is the weekly phone dump. But wait! There's more! Once you have meandered through the photos I have disposable camera challenge for you, please read on and join in!

The birthday girl. Five and fabulous.

Eric playing a Waxwires show. If you live in the area you can catch them again, they have a bajillion shows coming up.

Birthday madness. All of the photos from this are blurry as she was running around like a lunatic.

Cordelia was given chalk paint...the girls had fun.

Just keepin' it classy.

Cordelia keeps asking Eric and I to lend her our phones. She painstakingly types a text to one of us and now has included sister selfies.

Lucy in the dog bed.

Elise and my mother at our weekly mall lunch.

My dad and I at weekly mall lunch. He told me that I did not have permission to use this photo, but I have always been a bit of a rebel. I do hope I am grounded.

Elise"reading" a book to Cordelia. When she is done reading she slams the book shut and shouts,"AMEN!"

My piece (the chameleon) in a magazine next to some work by AMAZING artists: Michael Copeland, June Glasson, and Suzy Smith. Do yourself a favor and look into each of those artists. I happen to know each artist personally and I can tell you that all three are amazing talents!

This morning. Snow.

Finally today my bestie Sarah and I have decided to engage our readers in a disposable photo challenge. Sarah did a great write-up here on her blog. The long and short of our plan is that we each bought 27 exposure disposable cameras, they are about $10. Over the course of the month of October we will take photos, carefully using each exposure instead of the rapid fire shots that often accompany phone photos. We will probably forget many of the photos we have taken over the course of the month. Then when the last shot is taken we will have our photos printed and share them here, no filters (ha).

Please let us know if you join in! Buy a disposable camera, you can find them at grocery stores and chain stores.  Take the photos over a month, process the film. We will link to you if you have a blog or please use some other means of sharing the process (Facebook, email, Instagram, telepathy). If you are on Instagram please use #disposablechallenge to share with us the process. We will include weekly updates on our nostalgic game here. Please join in the fun!

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Anonymous said...

challenge accepted?
This is going to be so FUN!
Hope everyone has a great time!

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