Friday, October 24, 2014

Phone Photo Friday and Disposable Challenge Update

 Well hello, it's Friday and that means it is time for my weekly phone photo dump.

Enjoying our time at the Science Zone minutes before Elise broke her arm. We were so carefree back then...

Morning snuggle, Cordelia is slack jawed and focused on the Halloween Curious George Episode that has been in heavy Netflix rotation. A tiny bit scary, but not really...just right for the girls.

Waiting with Elise at the Orthopedic office. This was a few days after she had broken her arm and had visited the ER and we were following up with another doctor. We were not supposed to use the phone, tooootal rebels.

The sisters. They are reading Pinkalicious and you will note that Elise is still managing to play dress up with the cast. Cordelia is being such a sweet and patient big sister.


Lunch with friends. I met Meghan online while she was living in Japan. She can back to the states and I finally got to meet her and her husband Ian and daughter Bea in person.

Eric left town for work and drove through my childhood home of Harlowton, MT on his way from here to there. I sent my friend Robin this photo and mentioned that Eric was passing through. She said she knew, her boss had told her. Ha, small towns!

While Eric was away we sent a lot of back and forth photos. None of them were very good.

Lucy and I laying on the couch at night after the girls and gone to bed. Eric was still out of town so I painted and watched movies on Netflix.

Watching for their dad to return. He drove 8 hours yesterday to make it home in time to give me a smooch before I had to run and teach my class at the art museum.

Screaming did not translate in this photo, but the girls screamed and the dogs barked as Eric returned. It is seriously a noisy event when anyone comes to visit.


Well, we have one more week of the phone photo challenge! Inexplicably my flash has started working again so apparently I purchased a self-healing camera. I have about ten photos left to take. Very excited to see what I have even photographed over this past month as I have totally forgotten.

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