Friday, October 31, 2014

Phone Photo Friday

Weeks seem to pass more quickly when I am doing these Phone Photo Friday posts.  I am happy to chronicle some of the random, often grainy, photos that build up on my phone.

Elise working on a painting. While I think she is a lefty she has been doing quite well with her right hand while the other is in a cast.

Cordelia was Star of the Week at school and brought home an enormous booklet. She filled it all out herself.

Cordelia's donated braid. I know it is creepy, but I felt sad leaving the braid at the salon (they donate). Not like I wanted to keep her braid in a closet, but it still felt weird. I dunno.

Andy Mason's eldest child Kew came by for a quick visit with her friend Merina. They both charmed the girls! While Kew was here we got word that Anne was in labor (in case you need a little back story on Anne and Andy click here and go about halfway through the post). They are now living over on England so we obsessively checked our phones and waited for updates and progress reports.

Later the next day, this! Andy and Anne with new baby boy Lennon! Who on earth looks so pretty after a zillion hour labor? Anne does! I cannot wait to see that sweet little babe, oh and we miss our friends too!

Sisters. I love how well these two play together!

Cordelia looking so darling with her short new 'do.

Went to the doctor on Tuesday and they took off the cast revealing a still intact My Little Pony Tattoo.

Elise was totally calm as they wrapped the arm.

She was/is proud of her hot pink cast. Removal date is set for 11/20.

Lucy and Betty. Every morning. Snuggle and wrestle in the sun.

Look at how cute she is, not at the stains on the freshly washed sling. Seriously two year olds are not meant to wear slings. Filth.

Cordelia, wearing a jacket that once belonged to me.

Eric holding some pumpkins. 

Work on a small painting for the local artist guild fundraiser.

When we visit my dad at his work he pretends this rolling cart is a ship. The girls freak out!

Lucy in the laundry.

Sisters playing dress up and trashing their room.


Today is the last day of the disposable camera challenge. I have three photos left for Halloween pics. I will put the photos promptly in the development box at the store and share them with you soon.


Victoria said...

Ahhh...what a nice week. xo

Mimi said...

Your girls are adorable!!

Marie Roxanne said...

I am sorry I have had a bad month, a whole month! Everything was upside down and very stressful for me, so I couldn't do the challenge at all.
But I do look forward to see the pictures that you post!
And today I am now 50 years old. Time to get my life together! LOL

Maria Rose said...

Sorry you have had a bad month. I hope you have a nice birthday.

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