Saturday, November 8, 2014



Ahh, let's take a break from Saturday and have a little confession time shall we?
A pet peeve of mine is when famous people fold their hands in prayer position and bow their heads when given a compliment or excessive applause. Now I see non-famous people do this as well and it makes me furious. It seems deeply insincere to me.

I like fruit alright, but you know I think it is a bit overrated. Perhaps this is because I live in the land of perpetual winter and we rarely have truly fresh fruit.

I have always had sleep problems. When I was a teen I would fall asleep to the soothing sound of Robert Stack's (RIP) voice as he hosted Unsolved Mysteries. Was this a creepy thing to do? Perhaps, but there was something about the tone of his voice that could just knock me out, in spite of the fact that he was talking about alien abductions, ghosts, or grisly murders...

My favorite flavor of vegan ice cream is vanilla. It is like a blank canvas. Also, my favorite time of year to eat ice cream is in the winter. I like to eat ice cream from under a blanket and in front of a heater. I mix the ice cream into an almost soup. Oh...and I like to eat it with a tiny spoon.

I once broke a toe with a step ladder while working at Hallmark.  I was dealing with a customer and dropped an ancient step ladder on my foot and managed to not scream while blood ooozed out from my shoe. Once the customer left I took a good look and it was a tiny nightmare in my shoe. Interestingly the toenail stayed on for a year and then it just fell off and a new toenail was underneath. It creeped me out.

Speaking of Hallmark. During undergrad I once worked two mall jobs, Hallmark (where the over 50 crowd goes to buy Christmas ornaments and greeting cards) and Hot Topic (where the under 20 crowd, and strippers, go to buy goth-y stuff). So I would go in to Hallmark in the morning wearing slacks and a nice crisp shirt. After a full day there I would go into the bathroom and put on all black and put my nose ring back in. Neither job suited me, it was a weird and confusing time. So I quit and worked at a dog daycare instead.

I am pretty good at folding fitted sheets. Jealous?

I have no earthly idea what size of clothes I wear! Seriously, did I miss something? Are sizes that different by brand? Don't even get me started on undergarments. Every time I go to buy new clothes I become completely overwhelmed and give up after about 15 minutes.

If I could have a super power it would be talking to animals...or perhaps the ability to teleport. What would yours be?

OK your turn. Confess!

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affectioknit said...

I haven't seen the prayer hands thing...but I don't think I'll like it when I do either...I can fall asleep anywhere...anytime...the Man says it's one of my 'faults' fave flavor of vegan ice cream is chocolate...I've broken toes a couple of times...once playing dodgeball with my brother/cousins...and once when a horse stepped on toenails stayed on both times thankfully...the Man and I usually fold sheets together so that's probably cheating...and you're totally right about clothes sizes...

~Have a lovely weekend!

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