Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Disposable Camera Challenge Results

You may remember this post where I shared with you the project that my bestie Sarah and I were embarking upon. Well today you can see the fruits of our labor. Here is Sarah's post on the challenge. We went through a month and a roll of film.

I think the best part of this experience is when I picked up the roll from the store and Eric and I looked through the photos in the parking lot, such a flashback to our youth. While the photos were nothing earth shattering there were some good shots, some terrible shots and some "meh" shots. Overall the whole experience was fun and totally nostalgic. How old school do these photos look?!

Elise and Maria
Elise and me on Halloween

cordelia and elise and thumb
Cordelia and Elise playing dress-up. Doesn't it look like Cordelia is pointing to my thumb in the photo? She wasn't. She was pointing to the infinite beyond and my thumb got in the way of this and three other photos.

Elise Cordelia balloon
No, Elise is not floating with the balloon---but it totally looks that way doesn't it?!

Meghan (click here) and I met online while she and her family were living in Japan. When they came back to the states we were able to meet in person. I also got to meet her husband Ian and darling daughter Bea.

elise Painting
While Elise is probably a lefty she certainly is not letting a little things like a broken arm get in the way of her creativity.

Cordelia and Elise in cart
Cordelia and Elise in the Smith's (Elise calls it Miffs) shopping cart. When I go to this store I will park next to a cart return with one of these insane car carts. Experience has taught me to grab one when I can, because if they are out inside the store the girls are super bummed. Plus they are so darn cute in there, never mind the fact that those carts are so very cumbersome.

Elise and Eric pumpkin carving
Eric and Elise carving pumpkins.

road to powell
On the road to Powell, Wyoming. Look at that green!

Eric with record
Eric holding a record on Halloween night. How old school does this photo look? The only giveaway is the iphone.

Kew Cordelia Merina
Kew (with the napkin hat), Merina and Cordelia.

Grandma Sue Cordelia and Elise
My mother with her adoring fan club granddaughters.

Heart Mountain
Heart Mountain in northern Wyoming. How beautiful is that grass in the foreground? It has such a painterly quality. I think this is my absolute favorite photo from the whole roll of film.


Mom said...

They were all fun to see but my favorite is the girls in the Smith's cart.

Sarah Purdy said...

YAY! I would agree with Grandma Sue - I love the shopping cart pic. I like those carts a lot better than the ones Safeway has. Great photos! We'll definitely need to do it again.

Aisha Nazihah said...

Im in love with these! May I know what kind of disposable camera did you use?

Maria Rose said...

I don't recall; just whatever was available at the supermarket.

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