Thursday, November 13, 2014

Painting her Cast

elise cast art

If you know one thing about Elise you will know that she marches to the beat of her own drum (and sometimes to her sister's drum). She likes what she likes. Her absolute favorite dress up costume is a hula skirt, green cape, astronaut helmet and/or red straw hat. She is just a bit quirky and that makes me super proud.

When she first got her cast I asked if she wanted me to paint it and she enthusiastically agreed. She wanted me to paint her pink So I explained to her that probably isn't the best plan and she insisted. So I just let it go, because I didn't want to paint a pink cast pink. Then she started asking me to paint a crocodile or an alligator on her cast. That was something I could get on board with.

So yesterday afternoon I spent about 10 minutes with the acrylic paint and made her a little alligator on her cast. I always though that a cast was plaster, but her cast is kind of like a hardened net, it was difficult to paint anything with a fine line so I stuck to cartoony detail which suited her tastes anyway. She was so pleased with the results and has been proudly showing it off ever since.


She cried today when I forced her to wear a coat and cover up the alligator. It was -18F when we woke so there was no reasonable argument that would convince me that she should go without a heavy coat today.

elise cast art

The cast comes off in a week! I am so excited. Yes, I am excited for her, but I am also excited for more accidental cast to face contact.

elise cast art

Sometimes it is about the little things people, but sometimes it's specifically about an alligator on your cast.

elise cast art

Glad to make this girl happy. Hopefully she will be OK with letting it go next week. Although when people ask her about it she warns them that it is probably stinky in there. So, we'll see....

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Emily said...

It's interesting that the texture of the cast actually made the alligator skin look more realistic. It works! And cast to face contact....ouch!

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