Friday, November 7, 2014

Phone Photo Friday

Hello! It is Friday once again and it is time for my weekly phone dump.

Halloween breakfast. I worked with a baster that was a tad broken, but worked well enough to make some spooky pancakes. 

My Halloween sweater vest, an important new tradition. Eric and I procrastinated about costumes for too long, so we ended up buying the most garish vests from Goodwill.

Eric throwing leaves on my father while Elise observes. 

Elise did this to herself. I particularly like the strip on the nostrils. She is so proud of herself.

And Cordelia did this, she had a plan I can see it, and she too was proud of herself.

Eric and I voted this week. Elise came with us, Cordelia was in school. She laid on her back and happily scissor kicked the voting booth as we filled out our ballots. The older folks running the show were charmed by this behavior and have her stickers. Kids get away with acting like lunatics.

Lucy was spayed and had to spend a night away. We all really missed her. When she returned the dogs followed her around, wagging their dopey tails. Ophelia seemed to miss her while she was gone too, she stood around meowing. 

Elise and her grandfather and a green marker. We visit my dad at work a few times a week after Cordelia gets out of pre-school.

The girls and I read books while wearing ear muffs, naturally.

Time for our fifth and final round of leaf raking.

This sweet kid. As I took this photo she said,"It is a wonderful day mom."

Overheard earlier this week:
Elise,"Delia you are not the mommy."
Cordelia,"I am a littler version of mommy."

Cordelia and my mother at our weekly mall lunch.

These two have the sweetest relationship! It just keeps getting more charming.

Happy Friday!


affectioknit said...

Love the pancakes...they're really scary looking...and all the sweet and fun photos too!

~Have a lovely weekend!

Stacy said...

I love everything about this but especially the green marker. ;-)

Sarah Purdy said...

Fun Foto Fridays are my Favorite. Fo' reals!

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