Friday, November 14, 2014

Phone Photo Friday

 Well hello there. It is that time of the week once again. I am dumping out my phone photos and reviewing the week that has passed.

The dogs got new dog beds and suddenly they get a taste of their own medicine as the girls invade their space. Betty in particular is a notorious sneak. She waits until we leave and then quietly crawls into the girls' beds.

Last Saturday Eric and my mother took the girls to the symphony. I normally teach on Saturday mornings, but last Saturday Eric suggested I take a morning to myself as both of my lessons had been cancelled. I used the two hours to read, paint, bathe, groom, cook, it was insane. The girls and Eric had a nice time at the symphony, read about it here.

Yep, just tearing it up on sax, see more here.

We were living in the coldest city in the country at one point this week. I drank tea and stayed indoors.

Seriously cold. For international readers the temp is Fahrenheit. There is frost inside of our home! I don't look forward to the heating bill this month, but the bonus has been lots of snuggles and using all of the great vintage quilts.

I was given a bunch of leftover flowers! One of the perks of being a PK is that on occasion I get flowers that would otherwise find their way into the trash. I was visiting my dad at work and the secretary, a lovely woman, asked if I wanted an enormous basket of flowers. I instantly agreed and brought them home and put the flowers into all of my vases only to realize that Lucy will tear them down if she can get to them, so they are all up high. It smells amazing in our house this week! Flowers in the winter make me so very happy.

Cold, just so so cold. Bedroom window looking out.

Elise showing her freshly painted cast to a sleepy Lucy.

Cordelia at the dentist. When the dental tech told her that she could take the shades off Cordelia opted to wear them for the rest of the appointment. She did a great job and is cavity free. We even got to see her big teeth lurking below the surface in her x-ray. It will still be a bit before they come in, but I cannot believe we are nearing the point of losing teeth! What?

Vegan hot chocolate with marshmallow. Did I mention that it is cold? So cold.

Late night movie watching with my husband. I had a space heater blasting my feet while we ate noodles and laughed about nonsense until we cried. Actually I laughed until I cried and Eric just watched with amusement.

Dog bed chillaxing.

How has your week been?


Sarah Purdy said...

Checked the weather report and, other than that nasty bit due in on Saturday, it should be getting warmer. I'm at an elementary school right now and they just announced "outdoor recess" over the intercom. The resounding cheer was akin to Santa Claus's arrival or a home city winning the World Series. Poor kids haven't been outside all week!

affectioknit said... the cast painting...and I've been wishing there was a my-sized dog bed out there...and it's really cold here now and we've had a little bit of snow...but the week started off really warm...

~Have a lovely weekend!

Emily said...

Have you seen the bit on the Tonight Show where they throw the "hot sax" around? It's pretty funny. Your saxophone pic reminded me of that. Looks like a good, although cold, week!

Anonymous said...

Cold all week here in Kansas also; had our first snow today Sunday 11-16-14, only 1`, so wasent to bad, but the bitter cold is stickin around....

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