Friday, November 21, 2014

Phone Photo Friday

Hello! How are you on this fine Friday? What's new?

We had a good week. Beyond the normal there were lows (pink eye), lowest of lows (administering eye drops), highs (cast removal), and lovely family moments. Life continues on as usual.

My best dog friend.

I have this sweet fondue pot calling to me. What shall I make?

Been working in my sketchbook a lot lately.

The girls received coloring books as a surprise gift in the mail from longtime blog friend, Stacy, and have been working on them every day since! 

Elise with her coloring book.

Cold days = hot tea.

Sleeping Lucy.

Cordelia got her new school photos and I lined up the last three years.

An afternoon mess.

Listening to records with the girls.

I woke up with awesome hair one day his week. Just thought you should know.

Lucy tucks herself in under the blankets. It is pretty much totally adorable.

Antelope on the hillside.

Eric and Cordelia waiting at the doctor's office.

Elise having her cast sawed off. After a month of full protection it was time to see what was going in under there. The saw was super loud, hence the ear protection. The vibration made her shift a bit, but mostly she was perfectly still. She was super brave!

Inspecting the free limb, the skin was incredibly sensitive and she held the arm close for much of the day, but now she is using it a lot more. She will probably be back to normal mobolility in a day or two, pretty close already!

Her arm free, being held by Eric.

The temporary tattoo we put on the day that her arm was broken, before the break obviously, was perfectly preserved! New world record for temporary tattoos?

They sawed through the painting which saved me the trouble of feeling like I had to keep it.

Have a lovely day!

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sara said...

What a brave little trooper Elise is! And you too mama!

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