Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Little Extra

It is the time of year when I am reminded that sometimes giving a little extra effort can make all of the difference. Packing presents I am always trying, with varying degrees of success, to make the presentation beautiful and thoughtful. This season is so steeped in ritual from the things we do to the way we decorate.

This is also a challenging time to have vegan kids. There is junk food everywhere. People are just shoving candy into my kids hands, seriously like the random dude at the store who gave them candy canes (they were deposited into the trash as tearful ladies looked on). Great lesson about taking things from strangers.

I don't love all of the sweets that come out during this season, but I also don't want the girls to feel like they are always missing out. So we approach the issue on a thoughtful basis. Mostly Cordelia knows that she cannot always eat candy, but that she does get to have treats.

So when those treats do come I try my best to make them a little extra special. Today she is having a party at her school. There will be cupcakes. Her teacher is so great about keeping me in the loop and will even text me with vegan questions, it is so appreciated! She let me know that cupcakes will be given out at their holiday party and it was up to Eric and I to bring a vegan cupcake.

I like to make things a bit special for the girls so they won't feel that they are missing out by having vegan food, because they aren't! So I like to put a little extra effort into the presentation. It is all about exclusivity people.

So this morning Cordelia is taking her own royal cupcake to school and she is very excited about the whole thing! Sometimes, usually, being different is cool.


Sarah Purdy said...

Very pretty! Nice job!

Allen said...

What a GREAT mother you are.

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