Saturday, December 13, 2014



Last week I had my first cup of caffeinated coffee in over six years. While going to college I had formed a pretty serious coffee habit. I would drink between 4-8 cups of coffee a day, often more than that! Sometime during grad school I cut waaay back to a cup of coffee in the morning and then a cup of tea at work. After a miscarriage in 2008 I cut all caffeine. I know that it is perfectly fine to have an occasional cup of coffee while pregnant, but I was pretty much determined to do anything I could to prevent another miscarriage, even if science wasn't entirely supportive of my fears.

Once Cordelia was born in 2009 I decided to stay away from coffee until she had weaned, but then I just decided to wait as we were planning to have one more child. No point in returning to caffeine only to break from it again in a few months. So I maintained my caffeine free life until Elise weaned, but then it was weird to think about caffeine again. I didn't really want it, as I like running on my own steam. I don't want to go back to the place where I feel that I need coffee to start my engine in the mornings. Although I will admit that there were times when I certainly could have used a caffeine jolt in early motherhood.

Caffeine hasn't really been a temptation for me at all.

Yet, I decided to revisit the idea to see how I felt about it after several years. I could continue on with a self-imposed ban or I could drink coffee. I finally settled on the issue last week. I don't like the idea of of banning anything from my life unless, like veganism, I feel a strong moral inclination to do so. I am more interested in self-control and listening to your body. I simply don't have strong feelings about caffeine, as long as it is taken in moderation. So, I had my first cup of caffeinated coffee in over six years. I have had a couple of more cups over the course of the week and its fine, take it or leave it I guess.

What are your thoughts?

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Mom said...

I guess I will never have a caffeine addiction as only one cup can sometimes make me feel jittery. I certainly have learned to enjoy a nice cup of decaf, though.

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