Thursday, December 11, 2014

Just "Thanks" Will Do

While I was at the fashion show the other day I was talking with some of the other people modeling with us. None of us are professional models by any stretch, we live in small town Wyoming. I will say that there are plenty of attractive people here, just like anywhere, but there just isn't a big fashion industry ----unless you count Wranglers and Carharts as fashionable. Anyway, I was talking with several of the other women and of course we complimented each other because we were all gussied up. I don't know about you, but I try my hardest to accept a compliment. I have probably talked about that here before, but I think it bears repeating. Even on days when I forgot to brush my hair, teeth, I am wearing day old jeans and my socks don't match I will still accept a compliment if you give me one. I might not feel like I look good, but I trust you. I trust that there was something in all of that chaos that you found nice enough to take the time to compliment me. Thanks!

Now, don't get me wrong sometimes it is super hard to simply accept a compliment. There are a few different strategies that we are all guilty of:

1) "Thanks, but I (am a mess, have a crazy hair growing out of my chin, forgot to shower, etc.)"
  • We really shouldn't give any excuse, that discredits a compliment giver. Just say "Thank you!"
2) "Thanks, you look great too!"
  • Awesome to give compliments, but reciprocal compliments, particularly those that are not specific, seem disingenuous.
3) "Thanks---fill in the blank with a random distraction."
  • Dude, just say "Thanks," it's not that difficult
One woman, at the fashion show, told me that I was lying when I told her she looked great. Wow, I really didn't know what to say. I mean, I gave her a sincere compliment and she called me a liar. I think that is probably one of the weirder things that we women do to ourselves. Why? Why do we do that? It must stop.


So even on days when I am not feeling my very best I will thank you with as much grace as I am able to muster. I want my daughters to see me take a compliment so that they will someday be able to take one themselves. It would certainly make my heart sad if I complimented the girls only to have them shrug it off.


Stacy said...

It really can be a challenge sometimes! I hope the fashion show was fun (I haven't read that post yet).

Arden Pallas said...

This is so true, and so important!

Sarah Purdy said...

Absolutely love this. Well done, friend.

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