Friday, December 12, 2014

Phone Photo Friday

Another week another phone photo drop. Brace yourself, there are a lot of photos this week. 

Betty and Bumblebee want food. Every morning after we eat breakfast they remind us that it is time to feed them their breakfast.

These girls! What are we gonna do?

Like seriously, what are we gonna do? They are such characters!

The weather has been unseasonably warm and we have taken advantage of the opportunity to be outdoors.

She wanted to catch somebody, anybody, at the bottom of the slide.

This is a photo my mother sent me while she was watching the girls on Friday.

Eric and Elise waiting to get ready for the fashion show last Saturday.

Cordelia, having her hair curled for the first time. She was loving it, all of it!

Elise was sooo into it! She just wanted to dance.

They put makeup on her! Ahhhh! It was so weird, but the mascara on her already long eyelashes was crazy! The teen years will be here too soon. 

Eric and I were ready to strut...or whatever.

Here is a photo that our friend Rebecca took of the family. We were just about ready to do our model thang.

Sunday I volunteered at the Humane Society as per my usual. I like to post photos on Facebook of some of the sweeties that I meet there, hoping that someone will fall in love. 

Monday we took a family walk/ bike ride/ skate by the river. The warm temps have everybody in town completely confused, it feels like March. We even did some yard work this week. We are used to being iced in from November through March, so this short break in the season has been a real treat!

Eric and Cordelia. She kept trying to race Eric.

Elise was content to ride in the stroller as she knew we would stop at the park after our walk.

Eric skating

The girls hanging out with me in the studio a lot this week. I have been working on many projects. I will often set them up with something fun to do while I squeeze in a bit of work.

Smooching sisters

Cordelia and Bumblebee (wearing a cone as she had a tumor removed).

How was your week?


Arden Pallas said...

Looks like a fun week. Happy Friday!

Sarah Purdy said...

As always, great photos! What a week!

Anne Jezek said...

I just want to crawl through the screen and join you all! P.S. What are you going to do?! (In response to Cordy's make up shot)

Maria Rose said...

Anne, I expect that we will age dramatically in the girls' teen years. Also, a Rapunzel scenario would be Ok.

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