Wednesday, December 31, 2014



Last night we had our good friend and artist Gabrielle Reeves over for dinner. Click here to see her work. We see her a few times a year as she lives primarily in Turkey. So when we get together we tend to talk and laugh and plan for hours and hours. I didn't get to sleep until about 1am, and the girls were up long before the sun. Doesn't matter though, it was so worth a little exhaustion on the other end.  We talked and made plans for collaborative projects, shared ideas, and just enjoyed being friends. At one point in the evening our conversation turned to resolutions land we shared some of our plans for the year to come.

Today I think I'd like to put a few of my resolutions out there. I would love to hear your resolutions as well.

1) Get back in the swing with French. I was gifted with French Rosetta Stone for Christmas and the girls and I will be working on French each day. I was once very near fluency, but time and no access to French speakers has eroded my skills. I have lined up a very patient pen pal who has already started helping me. I love the French language. My end goal is to get up to speed and then take the family to France for a few week artist residency sometime in 2016. 

2) Figure out our camera. Eric is a really excellent photographer and he got a new camera some time ago. The thing is way too advanced for me. Mostly I just mess around with buttons and knobs until a photo turns out. I really need to spend an afternoon, and that is really all it will take, to figure it out. 

3) Leave the country, even if I am just swinging North into Canada I think that getting out of the country will be good for us. Yesterday Cordelia asked me if we could travel to other countries. Yes! 

4) Start home-school. Eric and I have decided to home-school our children. I have been researching and I feel really good about our options. Hopefully we will be able to nurture their active minds and work to help them grow beyond a normal school opportunity.

5) Push forward as an artist, continue to work harder. 2014 has been by far my most successful year as an artist and I want 2015 to build on that success.


Arden Pallas said...

Happy New Year! Those are exciting resolutions! My sister and I were homeschooled starting from middle school; it's a wonderful way to learn and grow creatively. In fact, my resolution for this year is to return to self-education as a "home college" student.

Stacy said...

Yay Canada!! Maybe Niagara Falls?

Sarah Purdy said...

I think international travel is a must for you guys this year!! Perhaps a short trip to Montreal to practice your French?! Remind me to tell you about the obnoxious French speaking (kinda) college student on one of my shuttle buses this week.

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