Saturday, January 31, 2015



Confession tyyyyyyme!

  • I seriously have no idea what LinkedIn is? I thought it was some sort of Facebook for professionals, but I have gotten several invites from people whom I know to be unemployed and not actively seeking employment. Please don't explain it to me, because I really don't care and I will not accept your invite. Sorry, not sorry.
  • I super hate when people spell time tyme. Also words that start with a C or a Qu being spelled with a K, extra points if the K is backwards---like Kwik Kare. Makes me want to rage vomit....OK, that was excessive, but I just mean to say that I find it mildly annoying. 
  • You know that scene in the movie Titanic, where the mother is trying to put her children to sleep in the lower class deck where they are all locked up... when she knows the ship is sinking? That scene is all kinds of wrong. I think it would be a horrible thing for those kids to settle in to sleep only to be awakened to cold sea water. It isn't like they would sleep through drowning. #parentingfail
  • You guys, I really like cabbage. Like a lot. I have certainly confessed this here before, but c'mon, cabbage.
  • I am mysteriously obsessed with this video.  
I keep sending links to the video to my nearest and dearest..enough that I have been asked to stop. Now I have to go and watch it again.
  •  Until one hour ago I had never made waffles. Nobody gave us a waffle iron for our wedding, though inexplicably we were given two deep fryers (??). Without a waffle iron I was never in a waffle making situation, frozen vegan waffles exist...but that does not count. A couple of weeks ago I traded a painting lesson for a waffle iron and five bucks. The waffle iron is ancient and it smoked for a bit so I wasn't sure there would be waffles so much as a kitchen fire...but waffles prevailed. I burned myself a wee bit, but the waffles were tasty. The waffles were successful enough that Cordelia had three. She probably doubled her weight in one sitting.
  • I once tried using a deep fryer (see above) to make lumpia, it was terrifying to use to much hot oil. I wasn't sure what was more terrifying the hot oil or just the excessive amount of oil.
  • I once donated two deep fryers (see above) to a thrift store in one day.
  • When my daughters take too long to eat a meal (every meal) I use that time to show them horrible and embarrassing awesome dance moves in the kitchen while I clean up after the meal prep.
Alright then, carry on!


Sarah Purdy said...

I love Confession TYME!!!! I hate when business names are intentionally spelled wrong to be cute. Like a flower shop near our old house called, Frank's Bokays. Nope. Or a daycare called Kid's Korral. Nope. I've never deep fat fried. I'm afraid of hot oil. And of loving it too much and becoming deeply fat and fried. Waffles are good. Sexy sax = not good. I'm now arranging your saxervention!

Mom said...

I would like to help you so I hope to assist with that saxerervention.

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