Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

I made it up past midnight you guys! Two days in a row. Sure, I may have taken a wee cat nap before, but I made it through the countdown. While Eric and I watched the countdown on NBC we realized that we almost never watch TV anymore. We are so out of the loop. There was a video montage of moments throughout the year and it was like watching some sort of strange alternate universe. We kept saying, "Who are these people?" and "What does this even mean?" It was actually kind of nice to realize how out of touch we are. Yes, we do keep up on current affairs, but so much of the celebrity culture that seeps into daily life has escaped us, that's something I wouldn't mind cultivating in 2015.

Happy New Year!

Here is a final look back on the year that was 2014

January was pretty busy, prepping for my show, working, etc.

 Cordelia in January

February was busy too. Eric was away for a two week artist residency and returned the opening day for a show of my work.

Kingdom Show 2014

March was pretty mellow. Eric had a show open in Buffalo, but otherwise it was business as usual.

 Eric show
 Eric at his opening.

April is birthday many. birthdays. Cordelia also got her first big kid bike.

big girl bike
Family walk.

May was a big month. The Copelands came for a big art opening. Loads of friends, Eric's birthday, summer.

 Elise accompanied by her dimple

June was great. We visited NM, got some time with my brother Ben and also Casual Sara! We got to see Andy and Anne marry in the best surprise engagement/wedding in the world.

New Mexico Vacation 2014
 Lollipops in Santa Fe, biggest mess ever.

July was great as well. Days outdoors. Charlotte and Jake visited. Elise turned two. My baby brother turned twenty-one. We adopted our kitten Lucy.

 Elise was pretty jazzed up to turn two.

August was the opening of a traveling exhibit of Wyoming Art party which we are both involved with. We traveled for Eric to judge some art competitions. We also took a trip to see a concert in Denver, my mother came along and had her first Ikea experience.

Denver trip
 My mother and the girls at Watercourse in Denver.

September meant that Cordelia turned five. Cordelia resumed preschool and that meant a slower pace for the rest of us. Art was made, dinners outside, a little of statewide travel.

 blowing out candle
 Cordelia turned five and we finally learned how to throw a fun and easy party. Hint, just throw toys all over the yard.

October was the month Elise broke her arm. Halloween happened. Cordelia chopped off her long hair to donate, her idea. We also had another opening with our work.

pumpkin patch 2014
 From the pumpkin patch.

November was a month about being home. The only truly important thing that happened was this photo...

 Thanksgiving 2014
 Time travel Thanksgiving.

December was full of busy holiday activities. We have had a great year and are so looking forward to see what 2015 has to offer us!



Sarah Spitz said...

Happy new year to al of you!

Love from Germany and the -fatcatconnection-

RunwithSticks said...

Happy New Year! Wow Cordelia changed alot this year. I'm excited to see how Home Schooling works out for you guys. I know you'll rock it :)

Mom said...

What a lovely recap. It was fun to look through the growth and changes in the girls. It is weird that we don't notice it so much in real time.

Victoria said...

It was a GREAT year!! Love seeing yours and being part of it! xo

Sarah Purdy said...

Great recap! What an eventful year you've had! Here's to even more exciting happenings in 2015!

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