Thursday, January 15, 2015

Helping Homeless

When we were living in Denver I had to drive downtown every day for work. On my drive I would see loads of people holding signs, begging. One guy held a sign that said,"Desperate for beer." Others seemed to have a rotating shift between corners. Some people appeared to be in genuine need, others in the throes of addiction. While others would hide behind telephone poles and use nicer phones than I had. I never knew what to do. I hate to be immune to the suffering of others be it poverty due to circumstance, mental health, addiction, or something else. I also cannot afford to dole out cash. So it has always been a struggle for me, leaving me feeling sad.

Then recently a woman known as Grandma Betty shared a brilliant idea. She has her hands in a lot of different charities and had been assembling packages of goodies for one of these charities. She was left over with tons of odds and ends and came up with a brilliant way to use them. She put a pack of goodies together to hand out to people that are begging. She made a bunch and I now keep a couple in my car at the ready.

Originally she put food, but I am expanding on the idea.

Here you can see the original contents.  I am adding to this a list of homeless shelters, soup kitchens and other community resources. Also I will add a pair of inexpensive gloves in the winter and a small bottle of sunblock in the summer.


Sarah Purdy said...

Great idea! I've heard socks are a pretty high need item, too.

Maria Rose said...

Good idea!

Mom said...

I love you.

I still remember the time you were in your angsty teen years and when we were walking into a building you disappeared from me for awhile. I was annoyed and it was a long time before you told me what you really did. You went back to give money to a homeless person.

You make me proud.

Anne Mason-Jezek said...

I recently read an article about homeless women and "that time of the month" and how it's really (more) difficult for them. Pads and tampons are greatly needed. Something I never thought of before, but makes a bunch of sense.

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