Friday, January 2, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 1.2.15

First phone photo Friday of the year.

Late night painting while Lucy helpfully bats at the paintbrush.

One morning the girls grabbed the tape and did this.

Lucy spent some time trying to get through the plastic cover to attack the record. She eventually succombed to exhaustion.

 When it is too cold to play outside one must make a fort.


Afternoon tea

Betty Sprinkles

Mischievous hounds looking for trouble.

Eric got this squirrel mug for me for Christmas as he knows I am terrified of squirrels.

Cordelia has been learning to skate. So far she is practicing on the carpet only. She knows a few tricks!

I fell asleep on the couch while we waited for the countdown on New Year's Eve. When I woke up Eric had sent me this picture. I deserved it as I had done the exact same thing to him a few nights earlier.

My parents came over for a New Year's dinner. I love this picture.

My children mauled my parents for the entirety of their visit yesterday.

Elise helped my mother lose horribly at Farkle.

Eric and Elise finished out the night by dancing to the kicking beats of My Little Pony, Equestria Girls.


elizabeth said...

looks like lots of fun going on!
it's been so long since i have visited your space - you all look happy and well. :)
Cheers to very many good bits for you all in the new year!

Anne Jezek said...

What?! You weren't drinking tea out of your new squirrel mug?! ;)

Victoria said...

Yes, I'm with Anne...not using your squirrel mug for tea..tsk ;) xo

Sarah Purdy said...

That squirrel mug is too funny!

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