Friday, January 30, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 1.30.15

Another week bites the dust. I have been busy with teaching and preparing a couple of lectures as well as painting for an upcoming show. Eric has had a busy week installing new shows. It has been business as usual for the girls. 

While in Billings we attended an art opening, our friend Sarah Williams had a piece in the show. She is crazy talanted!

Two cute girls ran wild through the mall in Billings, MT last week. We had a short sweet visit to my home state.

While in Billings we ate breakfast at a diner called Stella's they served us monster portions of vegan sides, we were more than satiated.

Bye bye Billings. See you again soon!

Just crossing back into Wyoming on our way home.

Sunday afternoon was a comedy of errors, but the highlight was when I met up with my bestie and she gave me some great gifts including these cat butt magnets.

We have been enjoying unseasonably warm weather which means time outside!

Cordelia is still loving her ballet class! She is just in awe of the whole experience. She is also still young enough that she openly waves and relishes my positive feedback via winking and thumbs-up.

We discovered that Lucy is absolutely obsessed with popcorn. She is a total scavenger. Earlier this week she broke into the trash can and pulled out a basil stem.

Elise wanted me to teach her to draw a princess. On the left is my drawing and on the right is hers.

After ages of struggling with the worst can opener in the world I finally bought a new one. Then I proceeded to take several photos with the can opener and sent them out to Eric and Sarah. Because that is just how I roll. 

Lucy helpfully reminded us that we still need to put our suitcase away.

The girls freaked out about new bath towels. I think this is because I have never bought them new bath towels, but they were so heavily discounted at Target that they basically just gave them away.

We had rain this week! Everyone online was posting rain and temperature photos because this type of weather is fairly unusual for January in Wyoming.

This girl!

Recently Eric and I have been struck at how big Cordelia has become! How and when?

I threw a blanket on her. She stayed and took a three hour nap like this.

Atomic Betty Sprinkles only wants to snuggle. Like seriously, that is ALL that she wants to do.

My dad with the girls.

This awesome vase was another bestie gift.

Elise had her class too. These girls in their dance gear! Ahhhh, my heart!

Yoga time. Don't ask me about their clothing choices.

Hop scotch on a warm winter's day.


Well, that about does it. I hope you have had a lovely week too!


elizabeth said...

there was a fair amount of sunshine in this week!
both the inside kind and out. :)

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