Friday, January 9, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 1.9.15

Well we hit the ground running this week after a blissful couple of weeks with few obligations. I started teaching an online course for a New Hampshire college, Cordelia went back to preschool. Eric has been hanging a major exhibit, which means lots of work and longer than usual hours. Tomorrow I am teaching a class on vegan baking. Then I have several art classes and lectures over the coming weeks. Underneath all of this we are preparing for solo and group exhibitions, working on neat collaborative projects and more. So the week has been something of a blur. I am excited to look back and see what has happened over the past few days.

Lucy is very interested in bath time, but has learned to strategically position herself out of the splash zone, peeping from behind a curtain.

It has been cold. I like to pull out a space heater and blast it on my notoriously cold feet.

Cold Wyoming morning.

After preschool this is what she decided to wear.

Both of them got in on the act.

Did I mention that it has been cold?

Have I shown you these cool salt and pepper shakers that my parents gave me?


The girls did this to their faces this week. The green did not really come off so there was a sickly hue to Cordelia's face for a few days.

Lucy walked on a painting.

Cordelia said,"I just need to measure your neck mommy."

I have been cooking with Isa Chandra's new cookbook, Isa Does It, and it has been delicious.

More dress up.

This guy.

Wearing a pair of recently thrifted shades

If we are early to pick up Cordelia from preschool I will let Elise sit up front while we wait in the parking lot. She is mighty pleased when this happens.

Out the front door this morning.

Hope you are well!


Sarah Purdy said...

I think busy weeks make the cold days go by faster and that's ok with me. How's that "to do" list coming along?

affectioknit said...

I love the candid photos...and the snowy ones...

~Have a lovely day!

Victoria said...

Dang girl! Get some socks on those feet...but remember to pull the toes!!

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