Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Favorite Things

Today I thought I would keep it random and title my post Favorite Things. This way I can pretty much just free flow through blogger. So join me will you?

Eric has a new art installation exhibit that opened yesterday. Remember all of those skulls we have been makings? Well they are all part of a larger installation (skulls are for sale). Read an article here   http://oilcitywyo.com/2015/02/23/reign-of-terror-revolutions-of-man-and-earth-exhibit-at-casper-college/ I will post a full review soon!


Overheard conversations between the girls:
Cordelia:I just did a somersault Elise!
Elise: Be careful Delia.
C: I am practically the best sommersaulter.
E: Oh, okay Delia...

This darling French fruits poster. You can find it on Etsy, but I suppose I could make my own in an hour. Might be a fun painting exercise.

My friend Sarah got me hooked on the Timehop app which is a lot of fun, it mines your social media from the same day years prior and reminds you of what you were up to. It is a treat to see random photos from when the girls were little.

The return to coffee drinking. I am not having a ton of coffee, but I missed the ritual. There is something about holding a cup of coffee or tea that forces me to just chill out and enjoy the moment. 

We had a great Sunday night dinner with two other families.  After dinner the kids were playing downstairs. Cordelia came up in a leotard and skirt that she had "borrowed." She was pink cheeked and excited. Running over she said,"Mom I did my first ever cartwheel!" I smiled, imagining the attempt had been pretty amusing,"Wow! Congratulations," I said.
She responded,"Yeah, but none of the other kids really admired it."

Ummm, what's not to love about a stuffed tapir?

I am also still loving Instagram. I am @mariarosewimmer if you are on Instagram. 

What are you loving these days?


Victoria said...

I'm loving all of the above! BTW, Cordelia called it...a mega bummer not to feel admired ;)
Today I am loving my cup of London Fog tea, the sunshine and blue skies streaked with clouds, this morning's sweet potato hash, and my hair, which, for some reason is a puffy mess...but I'm loving it. :)

Emily said...

The polaroid toilet paper holder is awesome. And I'd love to see your version of the Les Fruits poster!

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