Friday, February 13, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 2.13.15

We have had a crazy week. Eric made a last minute trip to New Mexico for a family emergency and I was home with the girls all week. This was a rough week to mix things up as we are both very busy. Eric had an opening last night and another tonight. I had a lecture to give and classes to teach. The girls were so great and on their best behavior all week.

Elise had a stomach bug on Friday, thankfully it was quickly gone and she didn't pass it on to any of us.

Cordelia and Elise like to bury themselves in stuffed animals. See the stuffed manatee?

Eric and the girls.

Saturday Eric and I snuck off for a little date before he left town.

Handsome husband.

Eric headed South on Sunday morning.

Sisters at play.

We went out for dinner with my mother and brother Sam (not pictured is Laura) in a late celebration of her birthday. She had been visiting my other brother in NC for her actual birthday.

Vegan pizza for Cordelia to take to preschool.

Eric on the road, parked not driving. Don't selfie and drive.

Return selfie photo. Thank goodness for cell phones, they really help stay connected when we travel. We were able to FaceTime every night, the girls went nuts for that process. 

Winter has been pretty weak this year. Not complaining.

Dance class.


Elise at the park.

Cordelia and Fluff.


Cordelia and Lucy.

We reunited with Eric last night for the Governor's Capitol Art Exhibition. Eric was exhibiting. 

The girls in our hotel elevator.

Breakfast at the hotel this morning and heading home!

How was your week?

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