Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine's Party

Wow, we have had such an unexpectedly crazy week! There has just been so very much going on in our lives. Only one thing has been on Cordelia's radar in spite of all that has been going on...Valetine's Day Party! 

She woke me up just before six this morning and whispered,"You should probably start breakfast so I won't be late." Her party was three hours away.

When I made breakfast she was unusually focused. Generally breakfast involves lots of zoning out, tiny bites, chatter.

Elise started to get enthusiastic too when she learned that next year she will get to go to the preschool party too. So she wanted to practice.

The school announced that today was "wear red" day. Both girls went straight for the biggest, twirliest dresses that we own. Of course they did.

Then they had to hug it out for a bit before requesting photos. I obliged, but as you can see they were not very calm about the process.

Soon enough we were ready to go. Cordelia insisted that they wear their matching coats. When we made the preschool drop off Elise happily showed her dress off to anyone who happened to look her way.

Cordelia put on her game face, she was ready for her party. She promised Elise that she would share her Valentines. Sweet girl. So in a couple of hours and for the rest of the day we will hear all about this much anticipated party. 


Sarah Purdy said...

Yay for party days!! I like that we get to celebrate Valentine's Day multiple times this year! I am wearing pink with jeans (I had on red pants with pink shirt but then thought it made me look a little too wacky-teacher.) However, Valentine teacher socks are a must, of course. Couldn't find my heart necklace and matching bracelet, but I have a delightful pink and red scarf to tie it all together. Note to self: Stock on Valentine's Day jewelry and accessories for next year. I need to make pink & red a year round combo.

elizabeth said...

they are just so stinkin' cute.
i can imagine all the goofiness and giggles. :)

Mom said...

I love that Cordelia wanted to share the experience as much as she could with Elise.

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