Thursday, March 12, 2015

Flea Market Find

So I will admit from that start that this find may not be for everyone, but for avid mid-century collectors it is quite a score. 
While the family was at the Super Flea over the weekend Eric and I employed a divide and conquer method. We each took one child and wandered through the stalls. We each have a system at this point and we know how to quickly scan a booth or even the theme of a booth. Our method is fairly efficient.

Anyway, I was rounding a corner with Elise on my hip. She was cradling a golden deer we had picked up for 50 cents. I spotted it, a sad looking vintage Weltron Space Helmet Radio/8track player sitting next to a "collectible" box of Corn Flakes.

Now we don't need an 8track player at all, but we could use a radio and the aesthetic charm is always welcome. I asked the woman how much she wanted for it and she informed me that her husband had looked it up and it was worth $80.

I said that it was collectible, but hers was in such rough shape that I was only willing to pay $5. We haggled for a moment and I ended up buying it for $15 with several 8tracks. Eric and I lugged that thing around the flea market for a while, but man it was heavy, so we soon left.

When we got home I set to work cleaning the thing, wondering if I could rescue this treasure (which is worth $150 in good condition) or if it would end up in the trash---a thrifter's gamble. 

Please excuse the blurry phone pic, but you can see what I was working with.

The couple who sold this to me told me that they'd had it for their entire relationship, since the early 70s. It was clear that it had been well used in the past decades. I cleaned off gunk, grime, funk, food, dust, dirt, and a variety of mystery samples. Finally though I had the whole thing cleaned and sanitized.

Look at that beauty! The whole thing is in working order and now a part of our home. Thrifting success!!!

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Sarah Purdy said...

So cool! I really need to start going to those flea markets.

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