Friday, March 13, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 3.13.15

Spooky it is Friday the 13th! You know what that means? Yep, the only possible way to counteract this day is to look at a bunch of photos from my phone! Hooray! !!!!

These girls and their dress up. They both wore these outfits out in public. We later ended up at the doctor's office (ear infection Cordelia) with both girls dressed like this. 

Here they are at a store a short while later. You can see Cordelia looks unhappy; she was just starting to feel the ear infection.

Lucy burrows into the laundry and then attacks stuff as I try to fold. 

This is how Cordelia eats her bread.

Elise and Eric strolling.

Oh hey.

Elise, just zoning out.

Lucy in the laundry again.

More dress up. That is underwear on her head, though she later changed the underwear to a pink pair.

Cordelia brought her doll, Sarah, to preschool and then insisted that I buckle Sarah. Also, Cordelia's teacher noticed an uncanny resemblance to the little girl vampire from Interview with the it haunts my dreams.


More laundry.

It has been warm out! Warm enough to be outside!

Flowers have been blooming!

Ha ha ha! The look on her face. She was so proud when she made it across, this is the year of the monkey bars.

We totally just declared spring this week and we aren't looking back. Never look back.

So Eric went to LA for the premier of a film he scored. The two handsome guys on either side of him are the Burt brothers. Aaron is on the left and he has a lead role in the film. Jarrod (aka Eric's BFF) is on the right and he edited the film. These guys have been dreaming of working together for a llooooong time. So it was pretty awesome that they all got to do the red carpet premier thing together.

Eric and Aaron.

Eric and Jarrod pointing to their names in the movie poster.

Jarrod and his amazing wife Sarah before the premier.

Last night Cordelia made her first vegan recipe.

I worked in the yard yesterday and the girls were so happy to play and explore. Here they are petting a worm.

There girls. I think they were peeping on our neighbors, whatever, it looks darling.

Last night there was even a rainbow after a sunny rain shower, possibly my favorite weather combo ever.


From Fat to Fab said...

holy cow I have the same one the 8 trak needs a new rubber band but the radio is awesomw

Sarah Purdy said...

I just love their unique personalities!

Anne Mason-Jezek said...

Way to go Eric! Way to go Maria for holding down the fort! Cutie kids!!

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