Wednesday, April 1, 2015


The birds are back. They have been having a major party at our place. We have a very poplar bird feeder. Word is out and our bird feeder is pretty much the place where the cool birds hang out. The uncool birds are turned away at the power lines, they go to the less cool backyard of our neighbors and work on their struts and feather styles trying to up their cool game---or at least I imagine that and then I feel bad for my imagined sad birds and fling seed into the neighbors yard too. 

We love watching the birds. Sometimes the girls and I even look them up in our bird book, but mostly we get sparrows, robins, warblers, mourning doves, and blue jays. The jays are very pretty, but they build nests in bad places and are kind of aggressive toward the other birds. The mourning doves, always in pairs, are my favorite. They are sweet. 

We have sparrows trying to nest under an air conditioner outside of our bedroom window. I have been trying to convince them that is a bad choice. Once they build a nest we cannot interfere and that means we cannot turn on the a/c. 

Outside our front window we have a large bush that is pretty much a bird apartment. Lucy loves to sit in front of the  window and make creepy cat chatter at the unaware birds. So deep is the sorrow of an indoor cat. 

Anyway, that wraps up my post about birds! You are welcome.

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Sarah Purdy said...

My bird roommates are back, too! Just this morning, I watched a couple of sparrows tirelessly working to build a nest under our patio roof again. I wanted to run out and scream at them, "Don't you remember summer of 2013?!! Don't you remember when both of your baby birds hit the cement and didn't make it?!" Oh the insanity!! I am redoubling my efforts to deter them from making bad housing choices. This is a rough neighborhood, little birdy.

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