Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I am always looking for inspiration in its many forms. Of course I am looking for artistic inspiration, but I am on the lookout for any and all inspiration that comes my way. Thanks to modern technology I can now log many of these inspirations for later use or reference.

Wall paper from a hotel wall. I loved the pattern and the color of this wallpaper! I am not sure how this will be interpreted, but I am thinking that it will influence a future painting.

A gorgeous ranunculus that looks like a little sun. I am so eager to garden! We are getting snow later today, but planting season is just around the corner and I keep looking at garden centers as I dream and plan for this growing season.

This amazing bench! I believe it is located in Amsterdam. I found it on the Internet and saved the image. I am drawn to the idea that the most utilitarian objects can and should posess some beauty of their own. I also really love the weathered nature of the swans themselves.

Then there are things like this, little reminders to be joyful and playful.

Where do you find inspiration?

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