Friday, April 10, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 4.10.15

Well hello there, how are you on this fine Friday?

All is well here. Let's get down to biz-ness!

Betty Sprinkles does the zombie crawl, pulling her back end as though it were dead.

This girl does everything with great intensity. This is cartoon watching...intense.

Date night. Speaking of intense, I  boring holes into your very soul.

Look at this handsome mister! While we were out our waitress asked me if it was the same guy I am usually with. She said that he looks different each time we come in.

Spotted while we were driving. We had to do a second lap around the block in order to take a stealthy photo. Oddly this wasn't the only dog in a stroller we spotted this week.

Keeping with a long and sacred family tradition we drag our children, giggling and screaming, across from he floor while dogs bark.

These two!

And these two!

Sleeping Bumblebee.

 Look at these sweet snuggling cats! Mission accomplished!

Working on w new painting, staining unprimed canvas. 

Girls hanging out with my dad at work.


Just another day. Boots, no pants, basset

What is with the crazy face!?

My Montana shirt called for a selfie.

This cat is eggcellent at hiding.

Eric collage element in progress. Look at how insanely small those cuts are!

Spring snow.

Late night painting session.

Okey dokey, that about does it---peace oooout!


affectioknit said...

...funny...Jack does that same funny crawl...and he has the goofiest look on his face while doing must be just what his little belly needs...I love the dogs in speaks of much love...

~Have a lovely day!

MarieRoxanne said...

I like the new painting background colors!

And I like Phone pic Fridays!

Sarah Purdy said...

Phone Phridays are my Phavorite!

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