Friday, April 24, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 4.24.15

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have a lovely weekend planned. My weekends are always crazy busy, but that will soon be changing and I am looking forward to slower summer days. 

We had a nice week here. Work, family life, outdoor time, good stuff.

Last week I celebrated my birthday. My husband got me original art from my favorite childhood shows She-Ra and Jem!

I was also gifted with a scale replica of the Venus of Willendorf!! Art nerd.

For my birthday I worked in the morning and then we met up for a family lunch.

After lunch I was surprised when Eric and my mother had collaborated and I was treated to a glass of champagne and a movie ( It Follows) while my mother played with the girls and made a cake!

The girls were so proud of their cake.

They were also happy to help blow out the candles.

Cordelia working on a puzzle.

Elise dressed up as Eric.

Cordelia, blue eyed and silly.

The preschool had their annual trike-a-thon to raise money for St. Jude's. Cordelia was slow. The teachers had said to start slow and she took that to heart, being lapped again and again. Eventually she sped up to a normal pace. She had a blast.

Elise watched and asked a ton of questions about how it will be her turn next year.

My proudest parenting moment was when Cordelia repeatedly hopped off of her bike to help kids who had fallen.

Elise and Lucy.

We met up with my Aunt Karen and Uncle Gregg for mall lunch.

Eric and I toured a huge new gallery space that will soon open in town. My show opens in June!

After visiting the new gallery space we were asked to contribute to their fundraiser. A pallet show, works made on or with old pallets. Eric and I each grabbed some small chunks and went to work at home.

I finished this piece and we dropped it off the next day. 

Eric made this amazing collage for the pallet show.

Cordelia took it on herself to eat all of the strawberries. I bought a pint of berries and told her she could help herself. Later I realized the container was empty. She had eaten a single bite from each berry, afraid to touch the green bits, and then thrown the rest away. We had a talk about waste.

Neighbor bunny that sits near the fence, driving the hounds insane as it completely ignored them.

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elizabeth said...

i really like your lady with trees in her hair

also - happy birthday! it looks like you had an absolutely lovely day. i'm glad!

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