Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Project: Coffee Bar

Last year I found and rehabilitated this beautiful shelf. For the past year it has housed pretty dishes and it did that job well enough. Our counter was getting a little crowded with appliances and a few containers.  I prefer a mostly uncluttered counter so, inspired by others, I decided to re-purpose the shelf and turn it into a coffee bar, clearing off counter space and making the coffee accessible in one central location. Also, our coffee/tea set-up was spread out across the kitchen. So this situation just made sense.

I put out filters into a pretty jar. The coffee pot, sugar bowl, and coffee maker are all in top.

The middle shelf houses a tray of mugs. Our mugs are all personal and cool, like hand made, designed by someone in the family, or just funny. Also on the middle shelf are our coffees.

The bottom shelf is home to our teapot and all of our teas. We have bagged teas and loose teas. I put the tea filters into a jar. Loose teas are in airtight containers and we have a few boxes of tea.

We are about a week in and the set up has been really efficient. Eric brews coffee while I make breakfast and we aren't stepping in each other's way.


Sarah Purdy said...

I love this idea!

MarieRoxanne said...

So... have you had the saying pop into your head "Now, why haven't we done this before?"

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